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This Week of Workouts

Happy Sunday, friends. Since my Lesson on Relaxing, I have really been trying to keep one day during the weekend to just take it easy and I must say, I am getting better at it. It also helps that the weekend plans have really slowed down a lot. I also, intentionally, plan less after work activities during the week, which has it's downsides... My friends still hang out multiple times during the week but with Grad school, I just can't join. It has left me feeling a little left out and guilty for always turning down invites, but the bright side is that I only have about six weeks left and I will graduate! Freedom!
My early morning running buddy!
One thing I do keep time for is my exercise. I simply can't justify cutting that out since it boosts my self confidence, energy, and motivation for the rest of the day! The best part is that I run weekly with Kathleen so it still gives me social time to catch up with her during the week even when I can't make it to other social outings. 

One of the biggest complaints excuses families give me is the lack of time to workout. I totally understand this, but I try my hardest to help them find some slot of time they have where they can fit some type of exercise in. Sometimes, it is right when the children get off the bus before they even come in the house for the evening, other times, it's walking around the baseball field while Junior practices. Anything you can do to move, take Nike's advice, Just Do It. 

I always prefer morning workouts. Getting up earlier in the day just gives you more hours in your day- and don't we all need that? Now, I realize that is not always an option for people but if you can, try it, you may be surprised at how much extra time it gives you in the afternoon. Remember Lauren's story? She gets her girls up at 5:30 a.m. to walk 15-30 minutes before they get the day started. So, it is do-able, we just have to do it. 

Here's what I did this week:
Sunday=        Ran 3.5 miles + 2 mile hike with JT at Bankhead National Forest 
Monday=      slept in + homework after work= off day
Tuesday=      5:30 a.m. Gym- 15 minutes biking + rowing + 20 minutes weight training
                      5:00 p.m. Ran 6 miles with Kathleen
Wednesday= 5:30 a.m. Gym (WITH JT!!!) 10 minutes bike + 30 minutes weight training
                      5:00p.m. Ran 4 miles with Kathleen
Thursday=    5:00p.m. Ran 4 miles with Kathleen before the Alton Brown Show
Friday=         Slept in= off day
Saturday=     10 mile run with Kathleen

My workout weeks typically start on Sunday. I used to take Sunday off, but realized that it is easier to fit a workout in on Sunday than most work days, so I now take advantage of a Sunday morning or afternoon jog. I do not plan an off day, yet I always have one. By not planning an off day, I leave room for the unexpected. For example, Monday, I had full intentions to go to the gym before work, but I slept in. Therefore, Monday was my off day. I happened to also sleep in Friday this week because I didn't get into bed until midnight Thursday thanks to the Alton Brown Live show! I rarely allow myself more than 2 off days and usually I only have 1 off day. If I make it the entire week without sleeping in or skipping a workout, then I let Friday be a sleep in day, do a six mile run on Saturday and a shorter Sunday run. It may sound rigid, but when it comes to exercise, a plan will keep you in check! I like making it a habit now so that when I am married and (much later) have kids I won't be trying to start a new habit on top of all of the chaos life can (and will) bring.

What helps you stick to your exercise routine? Do you plan off days?

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