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Postable- Online Address Book + Our Engagement Party

I had the advantage of a few friends getting married before me so I could learn a few tricks of the trade. I lived with Lauren during the bulk of her wedding planning and  I remember her telling me about Postable. It is a website where you can add names, addresses, phone numbers, birth dates, and whatever else you may need to remember about a person. You can even mail cards from the Postable site! The best part? You can send friends a link and they can add their information and address to your contact book. I have already used this virtual address book numerous times!

JT and I used Postable to store addresses for our engagement party. Speaking of...

JT's family hosts a horseshoe tournament twice a year so we decided to incorporate an engagement party into the fall tourny. Most of our friends already know each other (8 years later) so we just wanted a low key party that would continue the celebration into the night. JT and his family worked so hard all week to make the party come to life and they did a wonderful job! From the decorative lights and flowers to the Mexican buffet, we couldn't have asked for a better celebration with friends! 

{I had more individual pics, but my phone you guys resend them to me?;)}

Leigh even brought these adorable margaritas!

Like my outfit? My fashionable friend, Anna dressed me! Check back for her fashion post coming soon! As for Anna, and the other bridesmaids, I gave them Horseshoe necklaces I ordered from Etsy. I ordered from Keep it Close, first and they were so cute, but she didn't have enough when I needed more. Then I found some from Tangerine Jewelry Shop, and they were beautiful too! They each looked a little different but overall, I was so happy with the necklaces. Plus, both shops offered bridal discounts and were super easy to work with.
Children and excitement never gets old!

Thankfully, everyone said yes! So, here's to kicking off our wedding season! 

Stay tuned for May 16, 2015!

What special thing did you do to ask your bridesmaids? 
How did you keep your wedding addresses organized?

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