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Motivated Monday- Lauren's Story

Motivated Monday is a short series of stories from people I know who have done something healthy for their family or themselves. Today, we share Lauren's story.

Lauren is a nurse by day, mom and wife by night. She is busy. Her two beautiful, curly headed girls keep her on her toes. She is a genuinely kind and caring person who clearly wants the best for her family. Read on to learn more about what she has done!
Lauren and her family at Disney!

1) You decided to make some healthy changes in your house. What made you want to make these changes?
I was feeling run down and knew that I needed to get back to a healthier lifestyle.  I looked at my family and saw that I also need to be a role model for a healthy life for them.  The fact that my youngest child had always been overweight and was getting to an age that she would begin to have self esteem issues and possible health issues was another huge reason.
2) What changes did you make?
We have started exercising-- mostly walking, but also riding our bikes.  We have eliminated drinks containing sugar, (only exceptions would be occasionally at parties and things like that). We have also stopped buying junk food. We eat out rarely and try to make healthiest choices possible when we do eat out.  The kids take their lunch most days instead of eating at school.  All snacks are fruit or yogurt or a cheese stick or something like that.
3) what was the first thing you changed? Elimination of Sweetened drinks.
4) what is the hardest part about making changes for an entire family (that would be easier if you were only responsible for yourself)?  I often feel like I am everyone's will power. I feel that if I am not strong then everything will go back to the way it was.  I also don’t want my kids to feel so restricted that they make bad choices when they are away from me.
5) Were there any changes you made that were actually easier than you thought they would be? The exercise was easier to stick with once I made the change.
6) You started walking with your girls in the morning. What motivates you to get up and walk? The excitement my 7 year old has once we walk out the door is a big reason that I love it.  Every time I think about how it is improving her future I feel happy and like I am doing my job as a mom.

7) What advice could you offer moms who want to teach their children healthy eating habits without giving them a diet or weight complex?   I always tell my girls how beautiful they are and how smart they are.  I try to boost their self esteem constantly.  I praise good choices, especially the ones they make on their own.  I never say “we need to be skinny” it is always “we need to be healthy we want to have a long healthy life.  We don’t want to have a lot of medicine like daddy.”  I don’t go overboard with it.  I let them have that cookie or ice cream every now and then.  

How do you keep your family motivated?

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