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Fashion Friday: 5 Fall Essentials

Hi guys, it’s Anna! Rainie has graciously agreed to let me take over her blog for a day to show you guys some of my fall fashion essentials.  

Let me preface this blog post by saying that I am by no means a professional, but I do love fashion, and I love reading fashion blogs. I love getting inspiration from, and seeing what other women are wearing and how they’re styling it.  I am going to show you guys the top 5 things that are my go-to’s for fall fashion.  

Hope ya’ll enjoy!

 1) The first fall essential for me is a chambray top.  

This is my go-to look for fall…and spring, summer, and winter.  What can I say? This shirt can work for any look you’re going for.  Layer it under puffer vests, or fur vests as I’ve done, or keep it simple with a scarf.  Wear it with dark jeans, or with colored denim.  There is really no piece of clothing a chambray top doesn't go with.  This top is from Madewell, but there are great options virtually anywhere you shop.

2) The next essential is a fur vest. 

I ADORE this look for fall.  Here I layered it over a chambray top, but it also looks great with flannel shirts or a simple white top.  This would also look amazing over an all black outfit with some black pumps {Swoon}! This vest is from H&M last season,Nordstrom has some great options this season.

3) What would fall be without some great jeans?
Jeans are one item of clothing that I truly believe you get what you pay for.  A great pair of jeans can last you for years, and if they make you feel good, I say paying a little more is well-worth it.  I love a straight legged, classic dark wash for a staple.  They’re flattering and go with anything.  This particular pair is from J. Crew.  I love their denim, it fits well and doesn’t stretch, and I always wait for a sale to snag a pair.

4) Next up? A good bag. 

I love structured, neutral styles.  Brown is always my pick for fallit literally matches everything.  A good bag is another investment that can last for years, and a neutral color can be transitioned from season to season.  This bag is Michael Kors.

5) My final fall essential is a good pair of  booties.  
Booties are VERY in this season, and it’s not hard to see why.  They go with anything.  Jeans? Check. Skirts? Check.  Leggings? Check.  I love a peep toe style like these for transitioning from summer to fall.  I also have a great closed toe style you will probably see if I am invited back again.  I cannot say enough how much I love booties! These are from Steve Madden.

I hope you guys have enjoyed reading this as much as we enjoyed putting it together!  We definitely had a few good laughs taking these photos.  Happy fall y'all!

Happy Halloween! What are your fall essentials?

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