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Blue Apron Review Via Mary Lauren

Mary Lauren Scott, MD, amateur chef, foodie, runner, from Louisiana so she knows good food! She’s passionate about health and fitness and devotes her days to helping families create healthier lifestyles! She is very knowledgeable about living a healthy lifestyle and maintains a good weight by eating well and exercising regularly. She enjoys cooking, but like most people, doesn't love the grocery store. Not to mention, she is crazy busy!  When she told me about Blue Apron I was intrigued. It sounds like such a great concept! Mary Lauren decided to try it for a couple of weeks to see if she liked it and graciously offered her review for Be Well. Read on to learn more about what Blue Apron is and how it can help keep dinner fun and interesting!

1) How would you explain Blue Apron to someone interested in a meal delivery service?
They send fresh ingredients in adequate portions for 1 or 4 people per meal. $10 per meal per person. 3 meals a week with all ingredients and instructions but you are responsible for cooking and preparation. I’m doing 2 people meals so I have six meals a week.  I like that there are no leftover ingredients, I don't have to add extra portions of meat so it helps avoid waste, and the herbs and seasonings come premeasured/mixed so you're not having to buy large quantities of different spices or foods you wont reuse.

2) Why did you choose to order Blue Apron?
I like a variety of different types of foods. They give recipes for varied ethnic dishes and cuisines, restaurant quality food prepared at home for less than 500-700 calorie per serving. I like to cook so it didn't take that away from me and I am cooking foods I have never been courageous enough to cook on my own.

3) How much does it cost? Are the ingredients truly fresh? Would it be beneficial for a family or more beneficial for a couple or just one person?
Fresh, locally grown or made (pasta) in the New York area, over-nighted in a cooler to your home. Family? Yes, if children will eat spices and food varieties... no if picky, probably more ideal for a working couple.

4) They forgot to ship your meat one week, but did not charge you for that week. Were you pleased with the customer service?
Yes, the returned with a prompt response and full rebate for the week that was missed.

5) Would you recommend it for someone interested in losing weight? What about someone who just wants to cook healthier meals but isn't sure where to start?
Losing weight? Yes, if you are able to carefully monitor the portions of your other 2 meals, because they would have to be less than 500 calories to make it work out for weight loss. Most of these meals are very filling. It is also great because you can keep recipes and use them later while learning different cooking techniques and ways to prepare things.  Bonus=most meals take less than 45 minutes to cook and prepare (chopping, etc.). 

6) Would you order from them again? Yes. I have really enjoyed it. 

This seems like it would be a wonderful learning experience for any age group... newlyweds, newly out of college people, and even new parents who have little time for food shopping and prep...the possibilities are endless! Cooking is becoming a lost art in our fast paced, fast food world and a meal service like Blue Apron may just help people get back to the dinner table. Go check out Blue Apron, today!
Meal Prep photo for Beef and Lamb Sliders with Cucumber Salad.

Have you tried Blue Apron or another meal delivery service?

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