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5 Tips for Making a Plan to Exercise

Make working out double as a social activity!

Early in the week, I got a few emails from people who read Sunday's exercise post. They were curious how to start their own plan because they don't feel like they can fit in an hour each day right now. No worries, start small...and read these 5 tips for figuring out your individual plan!

5 Tips for making your own exercise plan:

1. Write it down. Plan your week, write down where you need to be and at what time, then go back and fit in time for exercise. If you don't have a planner. Get one. If you are an adult and you don't have a planner, how do you survive? Whatever your week looks like, plan in exercise like you plan in everything else. Monday could be 10 minutes, Tuesday a 5 a.m. workout, Wednesday could be a no go because it's a busy day. For kids, I have them make poster boards with their homework, activity, and exercise schedules and then hang it in their rooms. It's never too early to have your children schedule exercise. No matter their size, it is a good habit to instill!

2. Be realistic! If you can't run 5 miles don't schedule a 5 mile run on your calendar. If you only have 20 minutes, don't schedule cardio and weight training.

3. Start small. The goal is to make exercising a habit. If you need to start with 10 minutes every day, start there. Then, once the 10 minutes becomes easier to fit into your day, increase it by 5 minute increments and work your way up to 30-45 minutes most days a week.

4. Involve your family or get a workout buddy. I really wanted to sleep in last week, but JT said he would meet me at the gym, so I was committed to being there. It really helps to have someone hold you accountable. Lauren's girls keep her in check! Kathleen and I never go out to eat. Instead, our socializing time is our running time! We typically pack dinner and eat together after a run but we switched the focus of friend time from eating to exercising. That keeps our wallets, calories, and exercise in check all while enjoying the company of friends.

5. If your family won't join, get up and get going before them. I love morning workouts. There is something about running while the rest of the world sleeps that makes me feel like a go-getter and keeps me motivated for the rest of the day. Also, if I wait until the afternoon, I am usually being pulled in too many directions to find enough time to exercise. Plus, I feel guilty exercising when I could be spending time with family and friends so I would rather do it while they still sleep!

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What helps you fit in exercise?

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