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{Semi} Reunion + 5 Things I've Learned Since College

Only one day of work separates me and a few of my college besties from reuniting! I can't wait to see these pretty faces tonight!

Since almost 5 years has passed since we were all in Tuscaloosa together, I though I would share 5 things I would tell my college self. 

1) You have to really try to stay in touch. I know you think it will just happen because these are like, your besties, right? Granted, with social media is it way easier to keep up with everyone than it used to be but you still have to make an effort to call them. Not just text (talking to myself here) But come on, birthdays, holidays, give them a call! Plus, the longer you go, the less you know what to say sometimes. You won't have a ton of time to chat and your schedules may not line up but keep trying. There is really nothing like dropping in Lauren's new loft apartment and sitting on her couch while sipping wine and talking life, Or driving to the hospital to see Jessica and John's new baby boy. 

2) You don't have to drink with the intention of getting hammered. Shocking, I know, but this took me a while! Now, I can go out, have a couple of beers and enjoy company. I rarely drink liquor and there's a reason for that. You really should have learned that sooner.

3) You thought working part time and going to school was rough. Try working full time and going to school while paying for all college fun (read: student loans). Girl, you'll wish you had the kinda time you did in college!

4) You really will have more money one day so quit stressing! Enough money? Probs not but at least you have a steady pay check coming in! Work it, girl! And don't forget to give some to others. When you don't have a lot of money, it's easy to be greedy. Let it go. 

5) The first few months to a year after college were probably the most depressed I have ever been. There was this weird time frame where I moved back home, wasn't in college, but wasn't finished with my clinicals either. For the first time in my life, I didn't have friends all around to hang out whenever we wanted to. We were all working in different cities and were all tired on the weekends. Now, I feel like that is coming full circle so hang in there, it get's better! And cherish this new found family time. It won't always be there either!After being gone for 5 years, it's nice to actually get know the people your parents are and what your siblings actually like. Who knew?!

There are many other lessons I have learned since the glory days, but the most important things is just be sure in our fast paced social media world, you take the time to cherish the personal friendships you made. I always leave these girls with a full heart and this weekend will be no different. Except, we will be missing these beauties...

Also, today is Jessica's Birthday! 
Cheers to that! Ole!

And my mom's!
Happy 29th! You're just gorge!

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