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Mallory's Wedding Weekend

Saturday, September 27th was my BFF Mallory's wedding day. We spent the night before at a hotel where we stayed up late  until around 10, talking. The next morning I went for a quick jog before being picked up by Anna on our way to get Chick Fil A coffee. We don't have many restaurants in town so I had grabbed Panera bagels the day before and Anna got some fruit, champagne and orange juice. It made for a good morning time together. We got ready one by one by Niki of Niki's Peace, Love and Hair. She did a wonderful job! If you are looking for a stylist or colorist you should give her a try!
Mirror selfie with the bridesmaids and MOB!

We took turns getting ready... and eating...Mallory's mom, Melissa, presented us with sweet gifts of perfume, earrings, lip gloss, and a pocket mirror from Victoria's secret and we headed out to take pictures. Mallory brought an old school Polaroid camera and it turned out to be such a fun treat!

The photographers were Rachel and Noah Ray and I can't wait to see their work! They were fun and open for suggestions. We even did the Bridesmaid pose...
Pumped to see that one!

The venue was Huckleberry Farms in Jasper, Alabama. The ceremony started with the boys walking down the isle then the girls in navy walking to "All You Need is Love". My favorite part was seeing Mallory for the first time. It's an outside venue so people could see us bridesmaids before we walked, but then, they closed the doors, brought Mallory over on a horse and carriage, and opened the doors when she was standing, ready with her dad. It was so perfect! The ceremony was short and sweet and after a couple "I do's" we started the reception. The new Franklins danced to "I don't Dance" which is like the most. appropriate. song. ever. Then we danced our way through the night, which was over way too fast. We went back to the Franklin home to continue the celebration before finally calling it a night. It was such a fun and exciting time to be a part of Mallory and Jeff's wedding! They are such a down to earth, fun to be around, genuinely nice couple and I am so happy to have them as friends! 


  1. Super cool wedding!! The photography work was outstanding in this wedding. I loved that Bridesmaid pose. Rachel and Noah are such talented photographers. I had hired them for covering my engagement party at the party venue rentals in Brooklyn. Both did fantastic job!

    1. Thanks for reading! They are so very talented!