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Five Fall Foodie Favorites

Have you notice how excited everyone is about the change in seasons? This summer was particulary cool here in the south but the fall brings promises of football, chili, pumpkin, and lattes. As a runner, it gives me a break from humid hot mornings that turn into 90 degree afternoons. The trouble is, one really doesn't know how to dress... early fall is a time of mass confusion in the Alabama weather-sphere. I can remember the chilly mornings in college where I would bundle up in a sweater just to be dripping sweat for the afternoon walk home once the Bama sun took control of the day.

I tried to prematurely embrace the fall last Saturday like the rest of the world and wore jeans. Big. mistake.

Maybe it's because it's my birthday season and maybe because I wish I had a forever summer tan, but summer has always been my favorite season. In an effort to help me embrace fall a little more, I scoured the Internet {and Be Well} for my fall favorites! Fall Foodie Favorites, that is. 
*All pictures are originals of the site linked below them. 

What are you excited to make this fall?

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