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Birmingham Happenings

 After moving back to Jasper post college to live with my family, my next move was closer to work. I was free at last in Birmingham (so I I'm back in Jasper. Circle of Life?) Anyway, I was a new kid in the "big" city and all I did was go to work, do homework, and run, for the first six months at least. Then, we started to actually do things after work. We started a book club (BCB), but I never read (because of grad school), we signed up for kickball, went to free concerts on weeknights downtown, hiked and ran on the weekends, ran TrakShak every Wednesday, and just met after work for occasional Jason's Deli salad bar treats. I had so much fun exploring a new city with friends. Like every good thing, my Bham life had to come to an end. Ok, that was a bit dramatic, but my roommate got married and (since she owned the house) I figured they didn't want me there. As If?! So I moved back to Jasper to save money until my own wedding, but I made my friends Kathleen and Emily promise to not let me be lame and go home every night. Since then, we have held a pretty solid Wednesday night gathering.

That time we won.
Through kickball (actually through Kelly, but who's keeping up?) we met Dan and David. They joined our kickball team and (along with the other boys that showed up) the strangest thing happened...we WON! This was huge since our predominantly female team had yet to score more than 1 point a game. 

Wednesday was Dan's last day in the Ham for a while so we went to Trivia night at Rojo to celebrate. That night I was thinking about all the stuff Birmingham actually does have to offer. See, I'm one of those dreamers who really wants to leave the south, but wants to stay close to those I love. So I am often torn and find it super refreshing to find new/free things to do in bigger cities that small towns just can't offer. I decided to share some of the free or special things available to do on a weeknight since anyone can be entertained on the weekends! I will try to add new things as I do them but in the mean

Monday Night
What: Discount for medical employees. Take your ID badge!
Where: Downtown, Five Points area, Birmingham AL

Tuesday Night

What: BOGO pizza slices all day (must build your own and choose 2 of the same) + 1/2 priced beer from 5pm to midnight (bonus: they have Abita on draft and it's $2-3!)
Where: Crestwood 
Wednesday Night

What: group sets out at 5:30pm, plenty of different paces to find your group just don't get lost! Especially great for the winter months when it's too dark to run on your own after work.
Where: Homewood, AL

What: weekly trivia for teams, starts at 7pm- until
Where: Rojo, Highland Ave, Birmingham

What: sign up for a kickball team, $50 per person, season long commitment
Where: George Ward Park, Downtown

Thursday Night

What: sign up for a kickball team, $50 per person, season long commitment
Where: George Ward Park, Downtown 

Where: Birmingham Museum of Art/first Thursday of every month
What: free exhibits/ food and alcohol for purchase usually

Thirsty Thursday with the Birmingham Barons
Where: Region's Field, Downtown
What: $2 draft beer (general admission tickets are $7)

Friday Night
Free Friday Flicks is all I got here. Since Friday is the kickoff to the weekend, I haven't found a ton of free things or special deals there.
What: free movies are shown every Friday during the summer and usually starts around May.
Where: Veteran's Park in Hoover, Alabama 

Saturday Mention: go to Pepper Place Farmer's Market and get a Steel City Pop!

Sunday Mention: Go to Church of the Highlands and get Jesus!

Any night 
Carmike 10 a.k.a The Dollar Theater in Hoover is the place to go! Of note, it is now $1.50. I found this out when I took $1 cash and had to use my card instead because I didn't have 50 cents...

Railroad Park is my go-to downtown running venue. It is safe and located right across from Region's Field. It provides nice views of the city and during the summer, free exercise classes are held at 6pm on weeknights!

I hope this helps you plan a few fun events during the week. My friends and I are always looking for interesting and new (cheap) things to do!  Are there any hot spots I have been missing out on?

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  1. Love this! Great suggestions, we need to find some free stuff to do soon ;)