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Lantern releases are becoming more and more popular, great idea for upcoming spring and summer weddings! (picture from

Monday, JT, his mom, Cindy, and I met with Jessica Lee of Jessica Lee Photography. She is based in Wilsonville, Al and we met at the adorable Chelsea Coffee House, sipped on some delicious {sugar free in my case} gourmet coffee drinks and talked wedding. My roommate, Lauren, used Jessica for her first engagement photo session and I loved her pictures then. She hasn't done a lot of weddings so that is where my hesitation came in, but her photos are beautiful and I have full confidence she will do a wonderful job! She was absolutely adorable; as was her assistant, Sydney. Also, compared to the $2600 to $3200 price tag of other photographers I priced in the area, Jessica is much more affordable. I even told her that she should charge more, after my wedding of course! As if her cuteness and obvious love for creating the perfect, romantic photo weren't enough, she then gave me a 40% discount for her packages! I really cannot wait to see how she captures our day. Later that night, I emailed her to let her know that we didn't even need to meet with any other photographers because we thought she was just perfect.

Before meeting with Jessica and Sydney I googled (is there any other way?) questions to ask a photographer Here are the questions I found most helpful:

1) Is there a travel fee? How much?
2) Since you haven't done many weddings, how confident are you in your ability to photograph this one-time event as there won't be any make-up or re-do photo opps? {Ask this and wait for the response- Jessica was quick to reassure me of her confidence!}
3) What if you become ill on my wedding day? {felt weird to ask, but hey-better safe than sorry!}
4) How many pictures will be taken and how many will we get to keep? {good one, added by Cindy}
5) Are all images we will be given retouched?

So, there you have it- a short list of important questions. More importantly, I finally have something I can check off of the wedding to-do list!

What questions would you add to the list?

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