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5 Ways to See Results with Exercise

Saturday morning I used a free guest pass to the YMCA and joined Kathleen for Spin Class. Spin has always been pretty tough to me, but I have been working out on the bike at the gym on my own for quite some time now, so I thought I would be adjusted. I was wrong; classes just seem to make me work harder. I realized that, while I have been working out six days out of the week, I need to increase my intensity. So, what can you do if you have been working out with little results?

1) Try Tabata training: High energy intervals with short rests in between will get your heart rate going to burn the max amount of calories in shorter time periods. Read more about Tabata HERE.

2) Take a class: Basically, you can't quit when you want to. I mean, are you really going to walk out before the class is over while everyone stares at your sweaty self? Not likely. Taking a class means you will be committed for the entire hour! Just make sure you pick a good one. I have been in some pretty boring low intensity classes before where I feel certain I would have burned more calories washing dishes.

3) Switch up your routine: If you have been doing the same routine for months or even years, chances are the muscles you are working are pretty toned, but you are missing out on toning other groups. Add more cardio if it has become easy for you to talk and bike or lift heavier weights when the 5 pounds becomes easy.

4) Grab a buddy: Pretty much every Saturday I want to sleep in and drink coffee, watch the Pioneer Woman and then go run {perfect day, anyone?}. However, if I promise my friend (Kathleen) that I will meet her at 7 am for a 7 mile run, I am so happy to get it out of the way bright and early. I have my whole Saturday free of the daunting pressure that I have to go run. Running, and other forms of exercise, are so much more fun when you spend the time catching up with good friends! Plus, you are more likely to actually do it because you don't want to be the one to cancel. Recall Puree Barre visit 7 with Becky? Accountability partners rule!

5) Use a timer to remind you to move: Sometimes, you just don't have an hour to exercise. So don't. Set a timer every 30 minutes during the day to remind you to get up and stretch, walk up a flight of stairs, or do some chair dips in the office chair. Those little things add up.

Whatever it is you like to do, just do it! Healthy eating is part of the puzzle, but it can only get you to the edge of the water. Go ahead and dive in to exercise and you will start seeing changes you are working for!

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