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Detox, what?!

Happy New Year!

Well, it's the 2nd day of the new year, and I'm not too surprised to see friends on Facebook discussing new detox diets, clean eating, getting a gym membership, starting to run, etc. etc. Well, I think it's fantastic that people want to be healthier in 2014! I know I want to be healthier, and happier! But, healthy doesn't mean that you have to "detox" your body before beginning something new. In fact, I'm not even sure what you mean when you say "detox diet;" other than I know you're going to be spending a significant amount of time on the toilet (and I don't mean number 1 or a "normal" number 2 scenario). :-/ Want to know my professional, Registered Dietitian opinion? I'm giving it to you regardless.

It's very important when beginning exercise to control your calorie intake, and it's even more important to get essential nutrients. Your body depends on carbohydrates for brain and muscle power, and without them, exercise can be difficult and not very much fun. Protein and fats help us feel full and stay full for longer periods of time, so essentially these nutrients are helping us lose weight while we eat them! :-O Just be careful with which types of foods you get these nutrients from. Eat LOTS of fresh fruits and vegetables, choose whole grains, lean meats or beans/peas/legumes/lentils, and snack on healthy fats from nuts/seeds and avocados! Dairy plays its part in the diet offering Vit. D, Calcium, Riboflavin, and Vit. B12. Remember that low-fat or fat-free dairy are ones you want to stick with, especially if you're trying to lose or maintain weight!

Detox diets (whatever they are), can cause diarrhea. I mean, that's what it's all about, right? Poop your way to a clean you! Yeah! That sounds so fun, and something I can do while at work, and not embarrass myself or cause my co-workers trauma! <-- read with sarcasm. ;-) Not only does that not sound fun, but it can also be unhealthy. You're not getting the essential nutrients your body needs, as mentioned in the above paragraph, and so you're not going to feel well. You'll be grouchy, tired, sluggish, pale, and your butt will probably hurt...just sayin'. Detox diets can also can dehydration due to the excessive bathroom trips and not replenishing your electrolytes. Unfortunately, sodium gets a bad rep because we tend to over consume it, but it is essential for your heart to beat properly, and to control your blood pressure. Potassium and magnesium are needed equally as much. Plus, I just don't think that drinking my calories is fun. I don't like smoothies, because I'd rather enjoy my fruit whole or savor the textures of delicious things. I love food. Hence why I am a dietitian, but nonetheless, eating is good for you. It's good for your teeth to tear through things. Yes, it keeps them sharp. We're made by our Creator to eat things, not drink them all the time. Say what? The detox diet is only a few days, not forever? Well, after those few days of denying your body nutrition, the weight you drop is essentially only fluid that your body has stored over time, and you will regain that weight (and probably plus some) as soon as you begin eating whole foods again. Your body goes into what I call "starvation mode." It doesn't know when it'll be fed again, so it stores everything you give it as fat and begins using your muscle mass for energy! No! That's just the opposite of the goal we're trying to achieve! It's true, though. Our bodies are smart and can feel when you're not treating it nicely, so it starts doing things to survive. You'll just end up with some extra stored fat and less muscle. Boo.

You can "detox" by just eating a fresh diet, making sure you're getting essential nutrients and eating tons of different colors while exercising and living an active lifestyle. If you have questions about how to lose weight and keep it off, contact Rainie or me and we'll be happy to give you specific guidelines for you. We want everyone to achieve their weight loss goals, but we want everyone to be healthy doing it. No fad diets or crazy detoxing necessary! If you see a personal trainer and they try to give you nutrition advice, be careful with what you actually use of that advice. Personal trainers usually have very little to absolutely zero nutrition education (they just think they know because they workout), and they end up giving out bad or misconstrued information. If you have a disease such as diabetes or high blood pressure it is very important to only take nutrition advice from your physician or registered dietitian. Personal trainers know how to work that booty off, but not really how to control calories. :-/

I hope you all have a Healthy & Happy January! Be Well!

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