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This weekend I participated in the Run for the Redfish Half Marathon in Panama City Beach, and afterwards there was a celebration that included free beer and gumbo! After the run, and a 16oz. bottle of water, a beer sounded absolutely delightful. Because it was free, you really were only supposed to have one (others chose to have 2 or 3). I remember thinking that there had to be some benefits from drinking beer after such a demanding event, and began counting in my head all the good things beer has to offer. Such as, B vitamins (because it's made from barley or wheat); Carbohydrates, and fiber! Those are all super important. Of course, because it's alcohol, it definitely should be consumed in moderation (1 per day for women and 1-2 per day for men). After the beer and gumbo, I felt more relaxed and able to move my feet towards the car in a much more normal fashion than the little shuffle I was managing right after finishing the race, so I'm truly a believer that beer is the answer. :)

The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics also agrees, and they have an article on their website stating the many benefits of beer and how you can fit in into a healthy diet.

"Have a Brewski! It Can Help Your Health"

So, cheers to that my friends! Be well!

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