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Red, white, and Blue-berry

The 4th of July is one of my favorite holidays! I had great plans for a family trip to float down the Cahaba river (dreaming of my college days!) and then make it to Thunder on the Mountain here in Birmingham, but then the rain came. So instead of Thunder on the Mountain, my sis and I went to Yogurt Mountain- logical replacement. I love frozen yogurt, but I think I love banana ice cream even more. Check out the recipe here!

With the abundance of blueberries currently growing in JT's mom's garden, it only made sense that I make blueberry-banana ice cream to celebrate the old red, white, and blue! Here's to you, America.


1/2 Cup fresh blueberries1
1 large frozen banana
1/2 Cup almond milk2
2 Packets of Splenda

Blend all ingredients until well combined and serve immediately.

*1 I used fresh blueberries that I froze the night before
*2 or any other low fat milk 

Happy 4th of July!
the American story
What's your favorite 4th of July treat?!

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