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Nacho Average Couple

Mallory has been my friend since I can remember. We could be found running in the dirt, playing softball, riding four- wheelers through the strip pits, taking fully clothed, spontaneous dips in the pond or jumping from the rope swing to the water below. She has always been the logical thinker to my irrational ways. We decided to try to be a little classier and went to Bama sophomore year, but that never really worked out and our country girl ways still win over most of the time {sometimes she feels the need to remind me of that}. Now, years after she met her Colin Farrell looking boyfriend {at least we thought so} in the Big Lots parking lot on a summer night when we were 16, they're getting married! 

They truly are not your average couple because they actually still like each other after a decade of dating! And they eat Mexican food. A lot. {but so does everyone in Jasper}
So the theme of the night became: Mallory + Jeff- Nacho Average Couple. We started with a nacho bar, topped it off with some alcoholic lemonade and a homemade, hand decorated cake by my little sister, Janey. {Want a made from scratch cake for your special occasion anyone?}

Nacho Bar Ingredients:

Fajita chicken:
Chicken breast x 8, boneless, skinless
2 Tablespoons Olive Oil
Fajita Seasoning (we made homemade but didn't measure. oops.)
Onions and bell peppers, chopped

Bake at 350 degrees* for 20-30 minutes until internal temperature reaches 165 degrees.
Cut chicken into slices and put in crock pot to keep warm.
*preferably in a cast iron skillet

Other Crock Pot items:
Queso (from Mexican Restaurant)
Grilled onions and peppers

For the sides: (in that sweet Lazy Susan!)
Chips, of course
Tomato, diced
Guacamole (2 avocados, mashed + 2 teaspoons lime juice)
Sour Cream
Cheese, Mexican blend

Later, we retreated to the fire pit for S'mores, beer, and gossip. I really need to stop being so sociable and remember to take more pictures! Good night, great friends. Here's to more parties in honor of this duo!

What goes in your Nacho Bar?

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