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Birthday Month + Healthier Punch

I have come to find that most Cancer's are alike; attention-loving, outgoing and kind hearted pretty much sums us up. What more could you want? I mean, the new Prince George is a cancer. I have always made a big announcement of my "birthday month" (because I love attention no doubt), and this year was no different. Some may frown upon the thought of turning 25, since it's halfway to 50 and all, but I decided to celebrate in a completely age appropriate fashion (rather Mal decided for me); Blow up slides reminiscent of a middle schooler's dream birthday, pool party, and Healthier Hunch Punch were the main characters, but the star of the show was the birthday cake home made and decorated by my little sister. All made possible by my family and friends, who put time and effort into making sure it was a fun-filled day. Birthday parties are never fun alone.

{Healthier} Hunch Punch
Serves: 20+ people
3 gallons of water
2 (2 liters) of Sprite Zero
10 large Crystal Light packets (makes ~20 Quarts)
Chopped fruits of your choice
1 Handle of Vodka

Chop fruits into edible pieces. I went with Pineapple, apple, grapes, and oranges.
Mix all ingredients is a large pitcher. Stir well and enjoy.
Stir often, throughout the party as the vodka tends to settle and can get a little dangerous. 

Do you think you share similar personalities with your birthday buddies?

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