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A Glimpse Into Puerto Rican Cuisine

Puerto Rican cuisine is seriously lacking in the non starchy vegetable. Salads are rarely on the menu at all, let alone a green side vegetable (besides a plantain). Seriously, carb overload is an understatement... I may head straight for Jason's Deli salad bar when I get back to  Bama!

But for now, dinner last night:
 had mahi mahi with red beans and rice and yucca (pretty much a creamy potato) and it was delicious! JT had red snapper, black beans and rice, and fried plantains. 

Again, wonderful food! Topped off with margaritas!


The restaurant was Metropol and was actually recommended by the woman we  rented the condo from. If you go to Puerto Rico, eat at Metropol! 

After dinner, we went to El San Juan hotel and casino where we lost 15 bucks. By we, I mean JT... I'm too cheap to give money away! And he was winning until he took my advice- go big or go home. we went home. If you plan a trip to Isla Verde, I would recommend staying at El San Juan! It's casino and public area reminds me of the Boardwalk Empire and  is so classic and beautiful, there wouldn't  be a dull moment! The doors mimic old deposit safe doors while jazz music and salsa music keep the vibe alive. I didn't get many pics but here's a sample of the decor: 

And the following because its just down right sad...

And in case you were wondering what Puerto Ricans may do for fun:

We just couldn't bring ourselves to be remotely interested in chickens fighting to the death... Brings a whole new meaning to "winner, winner, chicken dinner".

Then we went on a grocery store hunt. Long story, but I have to plan meals and JT could just find something when he's hungry... So we ended up in a sketchy alley looking for a grocery store until I convinced him we didn't need anything that badly. Mostly because I wasn't about to get us kidnapped or mugged for  a bag of lettuce and a healty lunch I wanted to pack for the rainforest the next day. I knew I'd never get to live that down!

Today I was redeemed by a roadside fruit stand on the way to the rainforest, but more on that later!

What food would you miss the most if you were away from home?

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